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Advanced hardware and networking

Advanced hardware and networking

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Advanced hardware and networking

Advanced Hardware and Netwroking Be-Practical | Bangalore, India

Module 1

Computer Hardware

Module 2

Networking Fundamental

Module 3

Linux Basic

Module 4

Networking Services

Module 5


Module 6

System maintaining

Module 7


Module 8

Server Administration

Module 9

Router configuration

Module 10

Switch Administration

Module 11

Ethical Hacking

Module 12

Cloud Introduction

Module 13

System Assembling

We offer a comprehensive course in advanced hardware and networking for college passed out candidates and experienced techies with a technical background. Hardware and networking is the basic necessity for the installation and functioning of office systems. You will be learning about hardware of PC, laptops and servers and other peripherals. This course also covers network essentials, in depth knowledge of Unix, Linux and windows server technology. Our institute will provide you job guaranty and 100% placement. We give in-depth knowledge in scripting (Python) language. The courses that come under hardware and networking are A+, N+, CCNA & CCNP. We also teach students about hardware and networking across cloud environment. The candidates who are really interested in hardware and networking and want to make a career in this field must enroll for this course.

Advanced hardware and networking WHO SHOULD ATTEND

Advanced Hardware and Netwroking Be-Practical | Bangalore, India


This course is strongly recommended for:

  • If you are a person with technical background and work with hardware and networking technologies.
  • If you want to change your current domain to hardware and networking domain.
  • If you are a system administrator and want to set up a workplace network.

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