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mean stack development training

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Module 5

Object Oriented Programming

Module 6

AngularJs 1,2&4

Module 7

Node JS  

Module 8

Mongo DB

Module 9

Express JS

Module 10

React JS 

Module 11

UI Testing

Module 12

Capstone Project - E - commerce App

Module 13

AWS Hosting


MEAN stack is the name given to a set of JavaScript based technologies used in developing web applications. MEAN is the acronym name given to the set of technologies including Mongo DB,Express JS, Angular and Node JS. Among these technologies Mongo DB is a database system, Node JS is a back-end runtime environment, Express JS is a back-end web framework and Angular is a front-end framework. This course is industry relevant and is framed by industry experts, which will make you a full-fledged MEAN stack developer. The course begins with introduction to Node JS & Express JS which teaches the course aspirants how to develop and understand web applications using JavaScript. Further you will learn about angular which helps you in mastering front-end development. The course also talks about Mongo DB, which will make you understand all the features of NoSQL database technology. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are also included in the MEAN stack development course. MEAN stack training includes building of RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and Mongo DB. It also teaches how to develop modular, maintainable Single Page Applications using AngularJS.

mean stack development training WHO SHOULD ATTEND

mean stack development training Be-Practical | Bangalore, India

• Course aspirants and students interested in learning MEAN stack

• Web Developers

• Technical Leads and Technical Project Managers

• Aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who are interested in building & testing their own applications using MEAN stack.

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mean stack development training Be-Practical | Bangalore, India

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